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Leisure & Attraction Industry Involvement

Atech Group International has accumulated over 20 years of experience and specialist knowledge of the various technologies, applications and approaches required in each of the various themed attraction industry types, from; Theme Parks, Family Entertainment Centres, Themed Retail/Restaurants, Water Parks, Boutique Attractions, Museums and Exhibits to Playgrounds and Playspaces. 

Click the title links or photos below to view our project portfolio in the respective industry.


TP Legoland Nagoya_22_edited.jpg

Since our early beginnings, Atech Group has worked with both the established and leading names in the Theme Park industry, and pioneering individual's whose vision is to create an outdoor themed attraction resonating with local folklore and history.   

WP Fantasia Lagoon Mall 6_11.jpg

Large and small Water Parks form part of our core theming competency. From durable slide building, fountain props, explorable caves and waterfalls, to water blast cannons, We can provide all the necessary elements for your Water Park. 


The fabrication of these specialised elements along with hygiene and ride technologies provided by our partnering suppliers ensure Atech Group can design and build even the most challenging Water Park projects.

Scenic Prop StarWars_06.jpg

Atech Group's creativity is the key to our artistic portfolio of oversized sculpture, film-ready props, 3D art, and signage. Attracting attention is our specialty.


No scenic prop or wildlife piece is too large or complex. Our architectural scaled models and food replicas represent accuracy and true to life detailing. 

RS Iniala_edited.jpg

For the ultimate in travel stay experiences, whether in a five-star resort, private villa or boutique hotel, Atech Group has provided bespoke and custom works that have helped to establish a signature style and feel. 

EX Rama IX Museum Build_11_edited.jpg

Atech Group's naturework scenery, rockwork landscapes and stonework creations, provide a realistic and natural immersive environment that completes the desired look. 

From a single fallen tree to a prehistoric landscape, we can recreate the wonder that is nature.

Architectural Imax Building_1.jpg

Atech Group offers architects, designers and builders, decorative exterior facades, interior wall and ceiling features and architectural mouldings.

Our decorative elements can be manufactured to almost any size and to suit almost all situations. A lightweight and versatile product that is easy to install and will transform your exterior or interior space.


Atech Group's first themed design, build and install project was an Indoor Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) over 20 years ago. 

As with our first project, our approach to FEC's have not changed in 20 years, as we continue with our philosophy to 'create a difference' for the client and visitor.

EX Luangta Bua Museum_05.jpg

Our life-style teams have years of design knowledge specific to Science Centres, Museums and Exhibition displays and have since developed a range of edutainment design and build solutions. 


We have successfully installed permanent and touring exhibitions for most of Thailands institutions nationwide and for South East Asian and Australasian Centres of Learning.

PG Playground Westgate_01.jpg

Atech Group has supplied complete kid’s playgrounds, mini splash areas and playspace elements since 2001.


We design, build and install indoor and outdoor playareas that add value to our client’s; malls, resorts, hotels, shopping villages, housing estates and local parks.

Retail Planet Hollywood_4.jpg

Atech Group understands how important it is to establish the right look for your Restaurant, Bar, Retail Store and Attraction Boutique space.


In a competitive industry, a themed look can provide a point of difference and competitive edge. Atech Group can work with your architect and interior designer to assist in creating a unique visual identity.  

EX Dhamma Village_03_edited.jpg

Whether it's for architectural firms, property developers, or design professionals, our architectural scale models serve as invaluable tools for visualisation, evaluation, and presentation, contributing to the success of architectural projects in diverse industries.

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