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Naturework Scenery | 
Hard Landscapes

Naturework Scenery and Hard Landscapes are incredibly versatile, its only limitation is the imagination of the designer. Using products that are lightweight that can be designed to be almost any size, its range of purpose is far reaching. From small sculpted water features, to Japanese koi ponds, pool beautification, to dense lush habitats, rock climbing walls, grottos and rock formation diving platforms.

Our scenery and landscape displays depict true to life features, in texture, colour and form.  

Scroll and click through each of photo galleries to see the in-production aspect and our completed naturework and landscape projects.

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Atech Group is a trusted partner in creating realistic and immersive landscapes for Museums, Aquariums, and Exhibitors worldwide. With our expertise in design, fabrication, and installation, we collaborate closely with these institutions to bring their visions to life.


Understanding the significance of creating captivating and authentic environments, our team combines artistry with technology to craft landscapes that transport visitors to different worlds. Whether it's recreating ancient civilizations, underwater ecosystems, or fantastical realms, we design and construct every element to evoke a sense of realism and wonder. From scenery and props, graphics to lighting, we tailor-make solutions that engage audiences that leave a lasting impression and a connection with the exhibits.


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Atech Group specializes in creating artificial hardscapes that offer a unique combination of lightweight construction, durability, and aesthetic versatility. Our techniques allow us to craft materials that are lighter than natural stone, while still providing the stability required for safe pedestrian use. These lightweight materials can be coloured and shaped to perfectly match the appearance of any natural rock or stone formation.


Whether it's for waterparks, exhibits, museums, or any themed attraction, our hardscapes seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for visitors. We ensure that every hardscape we create meets the highest standards of quality, visual authenticity, and durability that enhance the overall look of the attractions we contribute to. We can also create hardscapes with limited budgets.  

Scroll through our in-production and completed hardscape gallery.

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