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Naturework Scenery | 
Hard Landscapes

Naturework Scenery and Hard Landscapes are incredibly versatile, its only limitation is the imagination of the designer. Using products that are lightweight that can be designed to be almost any size, its range of purpose is far reaching. From small sculpted water features, to Japanese koi ponds, pool beautification, to dense lush habitats, rock climbing walls, grottos and rock formation diving platforms.

Our scenery and landscape displays depict true to life features, in texture, colour and form.  

Scroll and click through each of photo galleries to see the in-production aspect and our completed naturework and landscape projects.

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Atech Group can replicate almost any marine, tropical or polar habitat and environment, from; fallen trees to ice caves, colourful reefs to arid deserts, mossy undergrowth and hanging vines, to a complete prehistoric forest setting.


To augment the backdrop, we can design and form our natureworks around monitors, signage, exhibit displays to ensure a total immersive walk-through.


Our natureworks team continues to work with Museum's, Zoo's, Exhibitors worldwide to create realistic displays that portray a range of diverse backdrops including; mangroves, marsh and wetlands, rainforests, the deep sea and grasslands, to name a few.


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Most of our landscape projects use a cage system sprayed with high strength concrete then carved in-situ. In some projects, our clients prefer, we mould and cast to create a panellised system that can be installed and disassembled easily for multiple uses. Using scaled models, coloured and textured sample panels, all for approval, our finished landscapes exceed our client's expectations. We can also create hard landscapes with limited budgets.  


Artificial landscapes are lighter than natural stone yet it can be made solid enough to be safely walked upon. It can be coloured and shaped to match any natural rock or stone formation. From caves, to climbing walls, we can create the natural landscape you want.

Scroll through our in-production and completed landscapes gallery.

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