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Architectural Scale Models | Food Replicas | Signage

We work with studio professionals, marketing agencies, production managers, art directors and event planners to design and build one-of-a-kind pieces that bring their creative vision to life.


Our scenic props and 3d art have been used in the; theatre, television, film, marketing shoots, cinema premieres, concerts, and live event promotion for our clients. 

Atech Group's sculptors take pride in their level of detailing in our wildlife pieces and human figurines, as it depicts a true to life likeness that can help tell the subject's story. It is also seen in the level of attention given to the design and functionality when we fabricate our signage and architectural scale models as this provides our point of difference.    

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Original and custom made props or recognisable characters, Atech Group has the team to bring it into reality. Whether the design calls out for; oversized, life-sized, futuristic, ancient, or sci-fi based elements, our sculptors and artists passion is to breathe life into it.

From perched dragons to gothic gargoyles, suspended bi-planes to scaled down cars and merchandising kiosks, colourful alien butterflies and flora species, to the cinematic icons of Star Wars the Tie-Fighter and AT-AT Walkers and well- known animated series characters, Atech have and can create it. 

Scroll through some of the scenic props created over the years.


Human figurines and busts are some of the most difficult and challenging thematic works there are. Every aspect of the sculpt must represent the source model, from the lips, nose, ear and eye features to the placement of hair strands, all of this is paramount to achieve a high level degree of life-like accuracy.

Our involvement with Science Centre's and Museum's over the years, has allowed several of our sculptors to develop their skills in this niche discipline. 

Scroll through some of our latest and more interesting human figurine pieces we have sculpted.


Whether our client is looking for display piece's that are true to life, anatomically correct and captures the essence of the subject, or simply looking for an oversized smiling turtle that kids enjoy playing with.

From a roaring Tyrannosaurs-Rex, to a herd of roaming elephants, a much feared crocodile to any of the numerous snake species, to camels and butterflies, and the always popular monkey, Atech has sculpted and installed animal art scenes giving the visitor an opportunity to see them up close. 

Scroll through some of the wildlife pieces we have produced over the years.


Atech Groups signage experience is seen in most of our; Water parks, FEC's, Exhibits and Museum projects. Our clients prefer to have their scenic elements and signage provided from a single contractor.

We frequently design, build and install into our client's projects;​ free standing signage with steel or aluminium framing, large printed banners that are mounted and back lit;  self-adhesive vinyl prints for walls or window applications; acrylic signage and 3D lettering including light box faces with edge lighting. 

Scroll through some of our recently completed signs.


Another area of speciality that is becoming more in demand is Architectural Scale Models. With real-estate property fairs, renewable energy exhibits, private and industrial estate developments and condominium showrooms, we have created the architectural scale model to suit.  

Atech Group uses landscapes, trees and other features to give the feel of realism. Our models level of detail often exceeds our client's expectations.  


Scroll through some of the completed and in-production scale model photos Atech Group has created for their clients over the last few years.


Creating realistic and natural looking food replicas is the latest range of artistic pieces Atech Group has expanded into.  The demand for quality food and meal replicas is high in Asia and the Middle East, as Restaurants and Food Courts use food replicas to market their menu's dishes. 

We provide a full range of actual size replicas; from thinly sliced meats and whole fishes, too prawns and oysters, vegetables and cheeses. We can also create the complete cooked dish, from soups to noodles, pizza, grilled chicken to rice with curry.


Scroll through our photo gallery of food replicas.