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We work with studio professionals, marketing agencies, production managers, art directors and event planners to design and build one-of-a-kind pieces that bring their creative vision to life.


Our scenic props and 3d art have been used in; theatre, television, film, marketing shoots, cinema premieres, concerts, and live event promotions for our clients. 

Atech Group's sculptors take pride in their level of detailing in our wildlife pieces and human figurines, as it depicts a true to life likeness that can help tell the subject's story. It is also seen in the level of attention given to the design and functionality of our signage and architectural scale models as this provides our point of difference.    

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Atech Group's journey began with the creation of eye-catching scenic props that quickly garnered attention. Our team of artists showcased their creativity by crafting custom props, ranging from licensed characters and mascots to iconic movie props for highly anticipated movie premieres. The versatility of our artists allowed us to tackle diverse projects, whether it involved constructing life-size replicas, oversized mythical creatures, or props with ancient or sci-fi themes. As our reputation for craftsmanship become known, Atech Group became a go-to partner for delivering visually stunning and memorable props that elevated events and experiences. Today, we continue to push client expectations and bringing imagination to life through our unique creations.

From our involvement with; Disney, Marvel, Starwars to Universal, our creations are seen at some of the most popular attraction destinations worldwide.

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Our artists and sculptors possess a talent for capturing the nuances of the human form and infusing it into their creations. Whether it's for science centers, museums, or exhibitons, we have collaborated on various projects involving the creation of life-like figures. These figurines serve to captivate and educate visitors by the meticulous attention to detail that ensures a striking resemblance to the intended subjects. From facial expressions to clothing details, every aspect is carefully crafted to create a sense of realism.


Clients can trust Atech Group to deliver sculpted human-like figurines and busts that add a touch of wonder to any exhibit or entertainment setting.

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Atech Group is renowned for its recreation of life-like wildlife. With anatomical accuracy, our artisans create various species of wildlife. Whether it's elephants, gorillas, or insects, we capture the essence of these creatures in remarkable detail. Having worked with museums around the world and touring exhibitors, we provide them with wildlife displays that serve an educational purposes.


These life-like sculptures not only showcase the beauty of nature but also offer a learning experience for visitors of all ages. Our team extensively research materials to ensure that every sculpture is a faithful representation of the intended species. Through our work, we aim to inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding of wildlife.

Scroll through some of the wildlife pieces we have produced over the years.


Atech Groups signage experience is seen in most of our; Water parks, FEC's, Exhibits and Museum projects. Our clients prefer to have their scenic elements and signage provided from a single contractor.

We frequently design, build and install into our client's projects;​ free standing signage with steel or aluminium framing, large printed banners that are mounted and back lit;  self-adhesive vinyl prints for walls or window applications; acrylic signage and 3D lettering including light box faces with edge lighting. 

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